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Why Venture?

This is the first question you should be asking and our answer is simple: ‘What are you looking for?’

If you are looking for large corporate remodelling we are not for you; however, if you are looking for positive, practical training and mentoring to increase your sales levels and profitability you will probably find it here.

Many books, blogs and articles have been written about selling over the years but one book summed-it-up perfectly with a single phrase. “Different strokes for different folks” was used in 1936 to highlight that everyone [and situation] is different and the successful sales person understands this and knows how to move from one ‘stroke’ to another and when. This is the approach we use in tailoring our work for you, your staff and your business.

More than just sales training: whether you are working B2B or retail you will benefit from the methods and ideas we can provide you and your staff.

Whilst we maintain a core of ideas, methods and practices you will find that nothing here is ‘canned’. Your needs are individually assessed and a program of training, mentoring and even direct sales management built for you.

Small ‘one-man-band’ operations through to large franchisees; from artisans and architects to engineers, manufacturers and stores can all benefit from time-spent with Venture Training.

As individuals we are also proud members of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management which “has been representing the interests of the sales profession for over 100 years providing practical support to sales people and their organisations.