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The heart of any successful business will be the sales department. Virtually everything else can, and often is, outsourced.

As a Fellow of the ISMM our founder is passionate about developing professional and ethical sales people through training, coaching and mentoring.

You know that your sales function is vital to your business yet developing it can be difficult unless you are also completely immersed in the ever-changing practice and methods of modern sales.

Where Venture Training can help you is:

  • Establishing the type of sales model you need
  • Identifying a process to suit your line of business
  • Recruiting and/or training the people for the role
  • Identifying and implementing a appropriate sales IT system
  • Coaching and mentoring of staff
  • Ensuring the other departments understand the sales department’s role and working with them

Many businesses either take someone in-house that knows the product/service and gets them to ‘do a bit of selling’ or simply advertise and hire a ‘salesman’. With luck on their side they may work; however, the likelihood is that it won’t and it will result in several months and many thousands of pounds lost in the meantime.

Drop us a line to find out how we can help you get this right with the minimum of fuss.