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As well as providing sales development support and sales coaching we also hold courses from time to time and the following gives an idea of some of these:

  • One day sales training covering the principles of selling
  • Three day sales training for those with territory management roles
  • One day negotiation training. After all the hard work getting here learn to close successfully
  • One day marketing on a shoestring. A course to show the many ways of low-cost or free promotional methods
  • Exhibition stand training. Maximise the return on your investment with bespoke stand training. Can be delivered on the stand.
  • Selling for non-sales staff. How to avoid undoing the work done. this course is often delivered on site to staff.

As with all our work, we are driven by your needs and all courses and material can be totally customised.

In the case of exhibition training we can train prior to opening and be on hand to monitor/coach during the show. Exhibitions have a relatively high cost, particularly when factoring-in things like staff time, expenses and shipping etc. They are great ways to meet a lot of people in a short space of time but they are also a great opportunity to alienate customers and prospects. With over thirty years of exhibition experience we can help you to maximise the benefit of your investment.

Selling for non-sales staff is critical and is given to anyone from your delivery drivers through to service engineers. We can deliver this over several ‘after-work’ sessions and help to ensure that your non-sales staff are working with the sales team to nurture your customer-base.

Drop us a line to find out how we can help you, or take a look at our Events page to see what is currently scheduled.