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What we do

Because no two businesses are the same we begin with a period of assessment and discussion to see what your requirements are and the expectations you have. From here we will design a program that may include:

  1. Staff sales training (at all levels)
  2. Staff mentoring
  3. Practical use of IT
  4. Real-world implementation of selling skills
  5. Appraisal plans for sales staff
  6. Exhibition stand training
  7. Negotiation skills training

This could be as simple as refresher-training for one or two people through helping you to recruit and apply sales staff where and how they are needed to a period of coaching and mentoring.

Sales ‘IT’ can be anything from a simple logging system in a spreadsheet through to a full CRM implementation.

Thirty-odd years of practical sales experience at all levelsĀ is at your disposal. Be it retail, engineering, B2B, International or distributor management you can be confident we have experience that can help.

The key point is that everything is relative to your needs and designed to help you get the very best from your business within the market(s) you serve.