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Pitch Perfect

Your route to being pitch perfect in presentations is simple. Firstly, understand that everyone gets nervous before making a pitch or presentation and accept that this is normal. [ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span="3"]If you think: Will I make a mistake? Will I stumble? Will I forget? Will I... you are setting yourself up for problems. The issue is with the 'I' element being your p...
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My competitor? Oh, they’re good!

We've all been in the position of pitching our business when someone says "what about XYZ-Systems?" (our competitor). How do you respond? How should you respond? Clearly we do not want to sell for the competition and many of us learn that 'attack is the best form of defence'. Well, maybe against a wild animal but not in a sales situation! My suggestion to you is simple: Praise your compet...
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Bond, James Bond

Bond, James Bond... one of the most well known movie lines of all time, but why? It comes-down to the use of English and, in particular a technique called a diacope. Writers employ these techniques to make certain words and phrases stick in our minds and a diacope is basically repetition of the phrase with a small 'something' in between eg. Bond, James Bond. Bond (key word), James (the 'somet...
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The High Flyer

We've all seen the High Flyer sales person but what makes them so good? [ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span="3"]If you work in a sales team you will have one person that seems to out-perform the rest, even if the territory has similar prospects, the products are the same etc. The weak sales person will find something/someone to blame but the professional sales person will look and learn. In m...
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Plato or Aristotle?

What do the Greek philosophers, Plato and Aristotle, have to do with selling? [caption id="attachment_105" align="aligncenter" width="236"] Plato[/caption] Take two opposing philosophical stances, Rhetoric and Dialectic (Emotion and Logic) both of which are valid ways to convey a principle or statement. Which is likely to receive greater acceptance from your prospect? As a sales professiona...
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