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Show me the money…

Show me the money is more than just a movie line.

In most areas in sales the advantages gained from a particular product/service boil down to money. In B2C this may be in the services sector making savings whereas in the B2B sector it may be a more efficient machine.

Understanding the driving factor behind a buyer’s reason for buying is critical in knowing which element of your offering is going to have the greatest influence on your sales outcome.

Return on Investment
Return on Investment

When presenting your product or service test what you are pitching by asking yourself  “Does this convey to the prospect what he/she needs to hear?” If this is an investment has what you’ve said reached their objective? Have you got to the ROI yet?

In B2B selling there is always an ROI element and understanding HOW the prospect will get their return will enable you to explain WHY your offering is the one for them.

Highlighting the ROI is essential to allow your prospect to cut-through the proposal and get quickly to the points that are business-critical in B2B selling.

In B2C selling, for example a combined energy plan, highlighting the ROI will enable the prospect to see the goal through the mist of terminology.

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