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Pitch Perfect

Your route to being pitch perfect in presentations is simple.

Firstly, understand that everyone gets nervous before making a pitch or presentation and accept that this is normal.

If you think:

  • Will I make a mistake?
  • Will I stumble?
  • Will I forget?
  • Will I…

you are setting yourself up for problems. The issue is with the ‘I‘ element being your point of focus.

Lose the ego, the sense of ‘I‘ and think of the audience because when we are in giving mode we are thinking of the recipient much more than of ourselves. Consider how you feel when giving a birthday present etc.

Pitch Perfect. A woman presenting to colleagues
Pitch Perfect

Focus on giving something. Something like information, a factoid or humour. If your content is good and you deliver it with your focus being on the recipients you will now only be the medium; the ‘you‘ will not be there.

If this is not a technical seminar forget about quoting specifications as there is every likelihood that they will not be listening. Talk about what the subject of your topic ‘does‘, not what it ‘is‘.

If you you are not practised with presentation software don’t use it… simple! Maybe have an opening slide and a closing slide.

Stick to bullets as reminders to you of the content and avoid writing-out the pitch as this leads you to read from the sheet.

Engaging your audience by giving them ‘something‘ has them listening and you delivering your talk Pitch Perfect.

The following book is a useful and simple prompter that we recommend (click here or the image).

Presentations handbook
Presentations handbook

At Venture Training we can provide bespoke training for presentation and even work one-to-one with you if that is your preference. Drop us a line through our contact page for more details.