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People don’t buy what you sell

This will come as a surprise to many but your customers don’t buy what you sell!

If you sell widgets I have some news for you. Like it or not, your customer is not buying your widget, regardless of how light, fast, durable, compact and cheap it may be. You may think or believe this to be wrong but I can tell you now that you are mistaken.

What your customer is buying is what the widget does for them.

Eureka Moment
Eureka Moment

The same goes for services. What your customer is buying is peace of mind, additional resource to free-up another, additional space to free-up for something else. Once they outsource to your service they can then use whatever is freed-up to do something else, be it leisure based or business based.

Take our sales training courses for example. Nobody has ever taken our sales training because they want to read-through our workbooks, sit in classrooms, listen to podcasts etc. They have all taken our training courses because once the course is completed they will be able to win more business, be more profitable, find more opportunities.

The one thing to take away from this is the following:

“It’s not what it is… It’s what it does!”

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