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Learn from children

Just how much can we learn from children?

It is a given that everyone of us knows how to sell, it is part of our development as infants; how we gain attention, compete for food and nurture when defenseless, yet most of us forget. Once we have the ability to get our own food, care for our own needs we then adopt a non-compete mode in order to fit into society’s ‘norm’. Along with this go our sales skills.

It is also a given that every business has to sell, whether it is a commercial B2B sale, a consultative sale, a professional service or retail… Selling is critical. Everytime you give a price/quote/estimate or someone looks at your product or service you are selling.

As adults we need to rediscover what it was that made us ‘successful’ in those early years (in the main we were nurtured and we thrived), and then apply this ability to persuade to promoting our business.


Learn from children
Learn from children

I’m not talking about crying or screaming for business. What I’m talking about is learning which buttons to press; learning how our buyers buy.

During a recent training course I explained about the four personality types, or social styles, defined by Merrill & Reid1 and how understanding how our own style impacts on the buyer’s style. Whilst chatting over coffee with one of the attendees of the course she told me that she had used this just this week. A prospect came-in to her business and she assessed him to be a ‘Driver-type’ so she adapted her selling style to suit. Not only did she win his business but she also earned his respect.


Watch a child trying to get a parent to buy a toy/sweets/game/clothes. Observe the way they do this… You will learn much.

At Venture Training we focus very much on looking at ourselves as sales people and teaching the need to adjust our manner and style to suit the buyer and personality type plays a big part in this.

Drop us a line through our contact page and we’ll show you how to learn from children.

1 Recommended reading from Amazon UK: Personal Styles & Effective Performance