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I’ll think about it

When your prospect says “I’ll think about it”…

What do you hear when your prospect says to you “I’ll think about it” when you try to close the sale? My guess is that it’s one of two things:

  1. ‘No!’
  2. ‘I’ll come back later’

The reality is that there are probably three main reasons for a potential customer to say “I’ll think about it” when faced with a decision to buy.

  1. It’s their way of saying ‘No!’
  2. They have not been convinced as to why they should buy
  3. They need another opinion before committing

If you encounter #1, their way of saying ‘No!’, you need to be looking at retaining the relationship for an opportunity another time. Accepting that you will not sell to everyone, every time, is part of the sales learning process. Rejection is part of the job and should not be taken personally. That said, a ‘No!’ now, handled professionally may well mean a ‘Yes!’ on another deal at a later date.

#2 and #3 should be seen as ‘No, not now.’, rather than a rejection.

Image of man scratching his head saying I'll think about it
Hmm. I’ll think about it

In most cases the “I’ll think about it” is #2, they remain either unconvinced of your product or service, or they are convinced what you offer is suitable but they prefer an alternative. Either way, you need to look at yourself. Ask yourself ‘what have I missed?’; ‘how can I increase the desirability of my offering?’. Remember, it is YOUR job to persuade that the product, or service, you offer is not only suitable but wanted.


Anecdote time

While working with a retail client recently the question came up about how to handle the “I’ll think about it” situation. With a little digging it became apparent that the salesperson had not considered that they had not done a good enough job of explaining their product. they took all situations as a ‘No!’, rather than a ‘No, not now’. They were simply unaware of reason #2, above.

We worked on some ways to discover the prospect’s actual meaning using closed questions, and how to then steer the customer to more suitable products. The salesperson left feeling much more confident and upbeat, knowing that she simply had to engage more and use her skills at asking questions.


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