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One chance to make a good first impression

It is so often said that you only get one chance to make a good first impression, but why?

As sales people we are generally meeting a lot of people for the first time through our work, after all, most true selling is still done person-to-person if not face-to-face. It is, therefore, essential to be able to engage quickly and easily and the ‘first impression’ is where it all starts.

In Professor Steve Peters’ insightful book, The Chimp Paradox, he highlights the process that our brains go through as we encounter people and situations. Fundamentally everything passes through the ‘Chimp Brain’ for survival purposes before being processed by the ‘Computer Brain’and then referred either back to the Chimp Brain (in the case of survival) or to the ‘Human Brain’ in situations demanding reasoning etc.

In the case of a first impression we, including YOUR CUSTOMERS, receive the situational image through our Chimp Brain and sets the tone / response in the Computer Brain.

Research has shown that it can take up to SIX subsequent meetings with someone for the first impression to be corrected.

Sales is a highly competitive arena, as you will already know; however, the salesperson armed with a good understanding of what makes people ‘tick’ will immediately have the advantage of those that don’t.

Any salesperson that wants to get ahead would do well to read The Chimp Paradox and it is available on Amazon here as Treeware, Kindle or Audio-Book:
The Chimp Paradox - First Impression

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