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CRM for your sales force

Using affordable CRM for your sales force.

It sometimes seems that there are as many CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems as there are customers so in this blog post we will look at what is really needed from CRM and, in particular from a Sales Force Automation (SFA) system.

Firstly, there are the large, hosted commercial systems that include:

  • SalesLogix
  • Salesforce
  • Sage
  • etc.

Each requiring fairly complex setup and maintenance but all excellent tools for the large corporation

Then there are the packages for the smaller teams such as

  • ACT
  • Maximiser
  • Goldmine
  • etc.

Finally there are the purely online pay-per-user systems like

  • Prophet Online
  • Zoho CRM
  • Really Simple Systems
  • etc.

The key element that any business needs are:

  • Customer contact information, ideally showing relationships between colleagues within a customer
  • A list of future tasks, for example quotations to be sent etc.
  • Details of the product or service being discussed.

These are, of course, the bare minimum; however, with a straight-forward CRM system you should also be able to have:

  • A history of communications (meetings, emails, literature, quotes etc.)
  • A means of sharing this information with field and office based staff without the complexities of synchronisation policies and the like
  • A way of tracking what has been sold and what is currently being sold
  • Some means of knowing where in the sales process a particular deal currently is

Over the years we have tried many of the above systems, not just as a review but in full-time sales management roles yet for the smaller business, something that resides online (and therefore globally accessible) and is modular, allowing growth into new features as an when required is the ideal, and for this we find it is difficult to beat the Really Simple Systems РCloud CRM product. There is even a free version, though we believe most businesses would benefit from the added features and expandability of the Premium version.

For a short demo click on the video below:

Sales force Automation


We can help you with your sales force automation, just drop us a line via our contacts page to find out how.