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Convey an image

Convey an image but let the prospect reveal it!

We have said many times that a salesperson needs to talk not about ‘what it is…‘ but ‘…what it does‘ in order to sell successfully and repeatedly; however, there is much, much more to this.

For example:

If working in a hi-fi store I could say: “These headphones will enable you to listen to your music without disturbing others around you and to isolate yourself from ambient background sounds.” A statement which is fair enough and focuses on some of the ‘…what it does’.

Look at this after engaging our ‘The Subtlety of Selling™’ system and compare this to: “As well as listening to your music in isolation from outside noises and not disturbing those nearby if you listen to the stereo effect you can picture the artist directly in-front of you, [as if in a live performance].”

Black and white portrait of Blaise Pascal
Blaise Pascal 1623-1662

What’s happening here?

Simply put, the first ‘pitch’ is okay but in the latter you are suggesting an image but letting the prospect discover for themselves and concluding that it would be ‘as if in a live performance’. You could lead them a little farther along the path of discovery by saying “Close your eyes, what do you see?”

Five hundred years ago Blaise Pascal1 observed that:

“People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come into the mind of others.”

Your role as a salesperson is to lead your prospect to the point where THEY can see the reasons for buying/using/investing-in your product or service. You can do this by spoon-feeding them the ‘outcomes‘ from your offering or you could lead them to the edge of seeing for themselves. The latter method will generally lead to a more satisfied customer and less ‘negotiables’ in the close. In-fact you may find that deals begin to close themselves.

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1Recommended reading: Blaise Pascal on Amazon UK