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Retail sales training and coaching.

Retail sales training and coaching, go together like a horse and carriage. There is an old adage that says:   This is particularly important in developing a successful retail team, and the reason, odd as it may seem, is simple... high-traffic interaction with people! You see, in a retail environment sales people, unless managed, drop into one of three modes: ...
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I’ll think about it

When your prospect says "I'll think about it"... What do you hear when your prospect says to you "I'll think about it" when you try to close the sale? My guess is that it's one of two things: 'No!' 'I'll come back later' The reality is that there are probably three main reasons for a potential customer to say "I'll think about it" when faced with a decision to buy. It's their way ...
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Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel is more than just a fancy graphic. It may be a term you know, it may not, either way your sales funnel is a critical element in understanding how you currently perform and where you need to improve your process. Put simply, the sales funnel is a momentary snapshot of the number of enquiries you have tapering down to the number of closed deals. Hence the term 'funnel'. Let'...
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Assets in your business

When someone asks you about the assets in your business do you immediately think of stock etc.? If so, you are like most people. After all, that is what the accountant reports on and what the bank looks at but, think again. [ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span="2"][/ap_column] [ap_column span="4"]Take the nice company cars in the car park: how many hours a day are they used in the course of busi...
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Fear of failure

Most people have two fears when they are selling: the fear of failure and the fear of rejection. Let's take the fear of rejection first. If your prospect says 'no' to your offer one of two things has happened: You have not sold the product or service such that the prospect sees clearly their outcomes from buying Your prospect doesn't need or want your product or service In the first exa...
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Pitch Perfect

Your route to being pitch perfect in presentations is simple. Firstly, understand that everyone gets nervous before making a pitch or presentation and accept that this is normal. [ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span="3"]If you think: Will I make a mistake? Will I stumble? Will I forget? Will I... you are setting yourself up for problems. The issue is with the 'I' element being your p...
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Value your product

Do you value your product or service? When working with a small firm in a coaching role a while ago we were looking at where business could be improved and, whilst sales could be better they were not disastrous. The key issue was that margins were relatively low. [ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span="3"] A little digging into orders received and there was an obvious disconnect between the pric...
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Sales coaching

Sales coaching should be considered vital to your business Almost every part of a business can be outsourced and many make a great-deal of sense. IT support is widely outsourced and cloud computing has made this even more common. Bookkeeping has long been outsourced, particularly by smaller companies. HR is now being outsourced as the HR laws become ever-more complex. One function that...
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