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Boiling milk…

Can you change the temperature at which milk boils?

We’ve all done it. Placed a pan of milk on the stove; watched it, looked away for a few seconds and then had a mess of milk to clean-up, and it can be the same with the personality type of our clients.

The fact is that milk, water, alcohol and oil all have their own boiling points and without changing the substance we cannot change this. That said we can control the way we heat the material. We can turn down the heat, remove the pan, add an anti-boil device or alter the pressure in which the substance is heated.

Saucepan of Boiling Milk to describe personality type
Boiling Milk

Now translate this to buyers and clients.

Personality Type:

According to Merrill & Reid1 there are four distinct personality types amongst people. Our buyers (and us) are people so we all fit into one key personality type:

  • Analyst
  • Amiable
  • Expressive
  • Driver

Knowing how to observe people, identify which personality type they fall into and learning how to adjust our own outward type can reduce the boil-over of lost sales and reduce the time taken to reach the boil (the close).

All too often sales people are focussed on what they have to say that they lose the human interaction of the selling process and, as a result, alienate their prospect and jeopardise the sale.

At Venture Training we focus very much on looking at ourselves as sales people and teaching the need to adjust our manner and style to suit the buyer and personality type plays a big part in this..

Drop us a line through our contact page and we’ll get you on the road to avoiding spilt milk.


1 Recommended reading from Amazon UK: Personal Styles & Effective Performance