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Assets in your business

When someone asks you about the assets in your business do you immediately think of stock etc.?

If so, you are like most people. After all, that is what the accountant reports on and what the bank looks at but, think again.

Morgan Aero8 left front fender
Take the nice company cars in the car park: how many hours a day are they used in the course of business? Or the fork-lift or the copier. All may be classed as assets and all probably have some form of service or maintenance schedule; perhaps even an extended warranty that includes upgrades.


Now look at the people in your business (normally deemed an overhead by the accountant and bank). Could you run your business without them? Do you have a service plan for them? Do you know what upgrades are needed or even available?

The truth is that most businesses, at best, pay lip-service to training (often in order to gain some award or other) yet it is shown time an again that the greatest return on investment comes from improving the people in the business. They are working a full day (unlike the company cars) and they are contributing hourly to your business.

This isn’t meant to be a HR ‘do this and get an Investors In People gong’ kind of post, rather it much more powerful. Spend a little time involving your people; asking them what they need to do their job; offering coaching or development to get a real return. Help them sharpen-up what they do.

A chisel on a whetstone

Yes, at Venture Sales Training we provide training and, yes, we provide coaching but there are plenty of areas where simply involving your staff can be enough to see a boost in sales.

Your greatest asset, in spite of what the accountant and bank may tell you, are your people. Involve and invest wisely and watch your business grow as a result. If you would like our help, great… just drop us a line and we’ll do the rest.